I don’t know why but I always feel the need to write something really profound at times like this.  I’m not sure if I will manage profound so you might have to settle for incoherent rambling instead!

As another year draws to a close I find myself getting really emotional.  The reason?  The reason is that I miss people who are no longer with us. I want them here. I don’t want to go into another year without these special people in my life. My gorgeous Mum, my second Mama Denise, my Grandma Doreen, Grandad Bill…all these people and sadly many others, there are far too many to mention…I miss them every day and would give almost anything to have any small amount of time with any of them.  The family and friends that we have lost are always with me and never more so than on New Year’s Eve.

On a more positive note 2016 has been OK for me and my family.  It’s true that professionally I am not where I would hope to be by now but personally I am in a place I thought I never would be – a mother. I have returned to work after a long period on maternity leave and am happy. Returning to work after so long out of the office was massively daunting. I had lost all of my confidence.  I struggled to even  answer the phone on my first day back but, thanks to the amazing support of my Manager and colleagues after a few weeks I was back in the swing of it.  Work is my solace, it is my place to be me and where I can focus on something other than my daughter, partner, house, car, cat etc etc It might sound selfish or ‘unmotherly’ but I don’t care. It’s the one thing that I do for me and I love it. I could never be without work. Another huge positive is that our beautiful, crazy and wonderfully wild daughter is happily settled in an amazing nursery and is flourishing. The change in her is there for all to see…she is exceeding all the developmental milestones and we couldn’t be more proud. My other half, Mr A  is still working hard for his family in his bonkers job that drives me mental. Racking up more road miles than I don’t know what but he does it and without (too much) complaint…albeit being held together by elastoplasts and neurofen at times but still…We also spent lots of quality time in the form of lovely days out across Yorkshire with Grandparents and extended family who are all happy and in good health.

All in all it has been a good year for Team Aleksic and whilst it hasn’t been without its challenges we are still here, together with love in our hearts and that’s all that matters.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to say, from my happy heart to yours…I hope that 2017 is all that you hope it to be ❤