What Will Be, Will Be…

I’ve recently learnt that in this life things truly do happen for a reason…you may not know immediately know what that reason is, you may never know but you must trust that it’s there.

My late 2013/early 2014 was horrific – my world fell apart. In all honesty if it wasn’t for a kind, calm, wonderful volunteer at the Samaritans I probably wouldn’t be writing this now. The only thing I had as a constant in my life was my work – my colleagues were amazing, they guided me, they held me, they gave me confidence when I had none and then BOOM! My world changed again…but for the better.

A terrible thing happened but that lead to the most extraordinary set of events that leave me where I am today. I am in the best place personally & professionally that I have ever been.

So, the below quote could not be more accurate and is now my mantra. I now make my choices and trust that whatever happens – good or bad, is what is meant to happen so I just let it go and move on ❤️