Employment Fair – Wed 22nd May 2013

Whilst popping in and out of the Resources Library at the Resettlement Centre, Catterick I became friendly with the staff there and on one of my last visits before I left the Army I was informed  of the Employment Fair at the Race Course in York. 

Now, after my experiences at the Vetting Expo in Bristol I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to attend. All those men peacocking their skills and experiences, peddling their CVs and pushing to get to the exhibitors.  However, this time I had a friend to go with which made things a lot better!  Although I felt a little nervous when I got there me and my Resettlement buddy went for our free brew before hand, had a little catch up and had a little chat about what we both wanted from the day.

 The set up of the Event was excellent with some smaller exhibitors on the ground floor, Companies that were specifically recruiting ex-Military personnel on the first floor and the Training providers on the second.  What I found at this event (and I suspect happens at most events) is that when the doors open at 1000hrs there is a massive influx of people and the venue is packed out. However, the majority will come and go within a couple of hours and then in the afternoon the event will be very quiet.  This gives the people that arrive later or that are willing to hang around that bit longer the  quality time with the Company reps and training deliverers without the pushing, shoving and without feeling pressured because there’s 10 more people behind you waiting to talk to that Company.

 At this stage of my Resettlement I was already aware of a lot of the Companies and Training Providers and had already registered with them online, however, it doesn’t hurt to go and get your face seen.  Go up, introduce yourself, explain that you’re registered with their Company or that you’ve done a course with them – It just gives you more of a profile.

I eventually left the event at about 1330hrs and had only given my details and CV to one company, (they were the only new Company I had any interest in).  I did however, see a few old faces and got to say cheerio to all the Career Transition Partnership staff that’d been so helpful in my Career Transition Workshop (CTW) and many other trips to the Centre.  One thing that might be helpful is – If the Employment Fair is near your home town to be then this might be a good opportunity to track down your local Regular Forces Employment Agency (RFEA) Employment Consultant as they are available to you for help and advice for the rest of your life.


Find other events like this at – https://www.ctp.org.uk/events

Employment Fair Hints & Tips – https://www.ctp.org.uk/assets/x/52373

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