Work Placement – Part 1

I knew right from the start of my Resettlement phase that I was going to back up my HR/Administration experiences with HR qualifications, there was never any thought of having a complete career change for me BUT I also knew that it would be essential to get on some kind of work placement attachment. 

I thought about Companies/Organisations where I would do my placement and initially came up with Leeds United Football Club, Leeds Rhinos Rugby Club and lastly with the Hunslet Hawks Rugby Club.  They were all sports orientated which is a major passion of mine but they were also local to where I live.  After a little bit of thought I thought I should do my placement with an Organisation that held some weight in society and would add some real substance to my CV and my Linked In profile.  I then thought about the NHS and wondered if they would have me??

 So……I popped on an NHS Networking site on Linked In and started a new conversation explaining  my situation and asking if anyone could shed any light on Work Placements within the NHS.  I didn’t really expect many replies, if any, but people were SO helpful!  I was getting replies from Medical Students in Newcastle right up to Consultant Cardiologist in Birmingham, I was absolutely amazed by peoples kindness.  One person actually was so helpful that they took my phone number and rang me from her holiday home in France!  She gave me a little interview asking why I wanted a placement with the National Health Service and after that went well she passed on the name and address of the Director of NHS HR in Leeds.  I sent off my CV and a covering letter the next day. 

A few weeks later I received an email from the head of the Medical Staffing Team at St James’ Teaching Hospital inviting me for an interview to discuss my potential placement.  So, dressed in my best bib and tucker I bowled up to my interview with a very brief knowledge of the Dept but also with a  ridiculous amount of enthusiasm and positivity.  After a brief interview I was accepted for the full 6 weeks that I’d requested.  I was ecstatic!! 

I’d secured my Placement 8 months before I was due to leave the Army and it felt great.  There was now no stress, no mad rush and I’d got the Placement I’d wanted and wasn’t going to be forced to do something I didn’t want to do through lack of planning. 

I guess what Im trying to get across in this blog is that there are people out there who are willing to help you for nothing in return and also that planning your Resettlement to the n’th degree is vital to a successful transition.

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