HR and the Army

I have worked in the Military as what they call a HR Administrator for approx. 10 years and I have recently taken the plunge and left a very well paid, stable job in the Army. I have gone over to the Dark Side, joined the ranks of Civvy Street! This sounds crazy given our current economic climate but believe me there are very good reasons….

Anyhow, the reason for this blog is to publicise my recent findings. I always kind of thought that my Military HR/Admin experience wouldn’t really stand me in good stead on ‘the outside’, this was then confirmed when I read on lots of Groups on Linked In etc that the kind of work we did in the Army was no use to man nor beast once you left.

So, scared out of my wits with this information I have embarked on my Work Placement with a NHS Medical Staffing Dept with some reticence. However, I am now 3 days into my Placement and I am by far no means saying I know everything about civilian HR because I don’t BUT what I do know is I have oodles of transferable skills, a vast and in depth knowledge about lots of different areas of HR and also that things aren’t that different away from the Army! *Lets out big sigh of relief!*

I have also in this 3 day period re-proved to myself that I am a hard worker, I’m adaptable, I’m robust, I’m intelligent and possibly most importantly to me – I am a nice person who people enjoy being around.

All I can say is…….Roll on the next five and a half weeks!! 🙂

One thought on “HR and the Army

  1. You will have no problem Lucy.
    When we leave the Army after a period of time we are instutionized, the army wants us this way, but we must always remember why the army pays us a good salary. We do a very very good job at a very good price, our skills are highly desirable but are taking for granted in the forces namely dedication, self motivation, hard working and a fantastic sense of humour.
    You have never been employed out of charity and you will excel, you’re to talented not too.


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