Where next…..?

So I’m not really too sure where this little post is heading but I felt kind of compelled to type up something…Days to do now with the Army are getting very few (as it goes I am actually de-kitting tomorrow!) and I wanted to document these feelings I’m experiencing.  Just thinking about the mixed feelings I have, even to do with my kit!  I mean, I have whinged, bitched and moaned about carrying that stuff around with me Posting after Posting for the last 13 years and now I’m coming to get rid of it makes me feel quite sad because some of that ‘stuff’ has been with my entire Army career and has looked after me in some of the scariest, most dangerous places on earth…and tomorrow I’m giving it back to the Army and it will be gone.

Another thing is that I have been quite ill the last few days and even though it was a complete ball ache driving 63 miles to Catterick to see a Dr, then having to drive into work to drop off my sick chit and then drive 63 miles home I thought about the alternative is on Civvy St.  I’ll simply phone up my Line Manager and inform them I wont be in that day BUT also, then be worrying that that period of absence could go against me if they decided to do job cuts and also I could not be paid for that time.  Now, I’m not saying that I’m changing my mind about getting out because this is 110% the right decision for me and my family but maybe now the time is getting close its hitting home that after 4 more wages I am out on my own, in that big wide world as a Civilian. 

Its very exciting but also leaving the Army is the single most frightening thing I think I have ever faced in my life and as much I’m worried I’m going to fall flat on my face and fail miserably, I know that the Army has instilled some amazing things into me and this is possible – I mean, people do it all the time right?!  (Pep talk coming up) I’m positive, pro-active, hardworking and intelligent and there is no reason why I wont get a job.  I’ve attacked my resettlement with vigour and enthusiasm and I fully intend to carry this on into new life in the same vein.

Anyhow, I wont subject your eyes to my rambling thoughts any more!

Peace Out  ❤

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