Security Cleared Jobs Vetting Expo Bristol – 16 Apr 2013

On Monday 15th April I made the 203 mile journey down to the Vetting Expo in Bristol ready to dazzle the Exhibitors with my Military HR Administrative brilliance.  On the day of the Expo I was hyped and was sure that there would be Companies falling over themselves to hire me – how wrong was I?  The entire event was aimed at the IT/Engineering crowd and little old me with my Human Resources CV was suddenly feeling very despondant. Despondant and suddenly very intimidated by the fact that I was one of only about three women at the whole Expo of about 1500 men…

I trudged off to the refreshment area to devise a Plan B.  After two cups of coffee and with a newly formed plan I decided to soldier on, put Plan B into action and impress them anyway….whether they wanted to be or not!  I approached a few companies who were clearly not interested and fobbed me off with some literature and a ‘refer to the website’ but some were genuinely curious about my Military Service and were keen to learn more.  I had a few good conversations, dished out a few CVs and left.

As I returned to my car reasonably happy with my performance I thought of the sea of male 40 somethings and wondered why I had felt so intimidated.  I have worked in a male dominated environment my entire Career and never been worried about what they thought of me or how I was viewed.  I put it down to the fact that these men were now my competitors in the jobs market and no longer my colleagues or my team-mates.

So the Expo wasnt necessarily what I expected it to be and I didnt get from it what I wanted but I did learn some vital lessons.  I will need to be much more robust, always have a Plan B and that if I am going to be successful on Civvy Street I am going to need to work my socks off to get there!

2 thoughts on “Security Cleared Jobs Vetting Expo Bristol – 16 Apr 2013

  1. It is always a good idea to get as many good recognised civilian qualifications under your belt before planning on leaving. Experience alone won’t get you that far these days. Also the resettlements courses for a HR are pretty poor. Maybe look at doing a part time degree in Buisness HR whilst still serving.


    • Thanks for your comment Gemma! I couldn’t agree more – I wish I could turn back the clocks on my Military Career and do some kind of Professional or Personal development every single year but I didn’t so just gotta make the most of the time I have left…Also enrolled on another CIPD course when I leave 🙂


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